Friday, April 28, 2017

Mora and Geneva Conventions on torture

              I don't agree that there should be a difference between the way we treat U.S. citizens and non-citizens. I'm not saying non-citizens should be treated 10 times worse, but it doesn't need to be equal. Since they are non-citizens, there is a reason for torture and things like that not to be equal. It would be out of our jurisdiction to treat them the same. I think there's a certain extent where the torture and cruel punishing treatment. If people go thru this, they could lie and just tell you they did something when they really didn't do something. These certain tactics can make the person's memory worse and effect you getting information that is the truth out of people. Certain government officials, the senate, and more would be in charge. The only time where it wouldn't be equal between U.S. citizens and non-citizens.

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm a bit confused; do you think you can elaborate a little bit on your opinion regarding the difference in the treatment of non-citizens and citizens? Do you think they should get the same treatment? And do you think torture is appropriate to be used in any circumstance?